Why Eliant

Eliant delivers meaningful and creative solutions to clients that build on the strengths of its partners and providers and create value for large, multi-national companies. Our clients choose our solutions for greater supply chain resiliency, working capital efficiency and flexibility, efficacy of procurement systems, and overall value for their organizations. Our business is structured to own a wide range of inventory at an efficient cost of capital, with a technology platform to seamlessly and effectively manage high-volume and complex customer needs. If you have challenges or seek to extract additional value from your supply chain, contact Eliant to learn more about how our customized solutions can help.

Salient Features

  • Transactions structured under a commercial contract
  • Client faces a single counterparty – Eliant
  • No impact to existing commercial relationships
  • Risk of loss to products during transit and in storage
  • Highly scalable: ability to increase program size to accommodate larger flows and global locations
  • Experienced team with knowledge and background of having executed similar structures under US GAAP and IFRS